COPD Pocket Consultant Guide Online Community

Welcome to the Pocket Consultant Guide Online Community website! This site is designed for physicians and health care professionals to interact with one another and submit their questions and comments about the Guide. Conversations from this site will drive future updates of the PCG.

Health care professionals are encouraged to register. Registration is secured and will be reviewed before access is granted. By registering, you will gain access to complete descriptions for all 6 panels of the PCG card, plus links and slides to supportive data and the community discussions.

This community is led by well recognized thought leaders in COPD including Dr. Byron Thomashow, Dr. David Mannino, Dr. Stephen Rennard, Dr. Andrew McIvor, Dr. James Crapo, Dr. MeiLan Han, Dr. Neil Schachter, Dr. Barbara Yawn and many more. I invite you to become an active part of the discussions, so that we can promote better COPD diagnosis and treatment through the PCG.

Upcoming opening discussions will include:

  • Diagnosis and treating COPD vs Asthma and COPD with Asthma
  • What is the role of LVRS? Is it performed often enough?
  • What are the implications of oxygen therapy? Should oxygen be prescribed for episodic or mild hypoxemia. Results from the ongoing LOTT trial may shed light on this topic.

About the COPD Pocket Consultant Guide

The COPD Foundation Pocket Consultant Guide (PCG) for the Diagnosis and Management of COPD was designed to be a practical tool to assist the practicing clinician manage the diagnosis and treatment of COPD patients. The Guide was designed to aid in identifying patients for whom spirometry should be performed, how patients should be classified based on spirometry, what additional assessments should be performed and when and how these diagnostic evaluations should influence therapy.

To learn more about the rationale for the development of the PCG, the process used, the rationale for the specific recommendations and plans for further development, download the detailed manuscript: Introducing the COPD Foundation Guide for Diagnosis and Management of COPD, Recommendations of the COPD Foundation.

Download the Manuscript

A summary of the manuscript is also available for download in English and Spanish. The summary article was published in the COPD Foundation’s Lung Health Professional magazine and includes a review of the Spirometry Grades, Severity Domains, the role of comorbidities and instruments like CAT and mMRC.

Download English Version

Download Spanish Version