Versions and Downloads

Introducing the COPD Foundation Guide for Diagnosis and Management of COPD. These are not guidelines. This is a summary of the guidelines packaged in a simple, convenient and portable COPD Pocket Consultant Guide (PCG).

The PCG Cards are available in four versions.

  • A 4”x6” Tri-fold 6 panel card with generic name drugs.
  • A 4”x6” Tri-fold 6 panel card with trade name drugs.
  • A 4”x6” Tri-fold 2 panel card with only panel #1 (Introduction) and panel #2 (Therapy Chart) information.
  • This 2 panel card is also available as an 18”x22” poster for use as a teaching tool in clinics and academic centers.

The PCG is a 6 panel card that folds into a 4x6 Guide that fits easily into a lab coat or scrub pocket.

The outside 3 panels feature:

  • Panel 1: An explanation of COPD diagnosis and the seven severity domains
  • Panel 5: The COPD Assessment Test (CAT), a health status questionnaire. Score 0 to 40.
  • Panel 6: The mMRC dyspnea scale and advice for smoking cessation. Score 0 to 4.

The inside 3 panels feature:

  • Panel 2: A COPD treatment Therapy Chart which lists the 7 severity domains in rows and treatment options in columns.
  • Panel 3: A medication table arranged by class and corresponds to the therapy chart.
  • Panel 4: A medication table arranged by class and corresponds to the therapy chart.

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Online ordering:

Institutional Pack

The Institutional Pack is designed for healthcare systems to order a prepared package of educational materials to promote COPD diagnosis and treatment based on the COPD Foundation PCG. This Pack includes printed COPD Pocket cards to distribute throughout your organization, supportive pieces such as 18” x 22” posters, access to the COPD Foundation prepared PowerPoint Presentation for your staff to host a Grand Rounds presentation, a dissemination plan and flyers to promote the Smart-Phone app. You may order these at no charge by visiting our online catalogue.

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